WARNING! Don’t Even Think About Buying A Beet Juice Powder Until You Read This...

An Open Letter To Every Health-Minded American Who Believes That Most Beet Juice Powders Are Pure Garbage!

This Secret, Shared By A "Dead" Man And A World Famous Doctor... May Shock You!

From: Bill Heid

Saturday, 1:45 p.m.

Thomson, IL

Dear Friend,

In just a moment I hope to open your eyes a bit and when I'm done my guess is you'll be more than a little upset.

What I have to tell you involves a current and ongoing scandal that's going on in the nutritional business. Especially now with all the virus related scams and scandals.

​But it's this nutritional scandal in 2024 that... if you're like most health-conscious Americans... is cheating you out of your money and (worse) is robbing you out of some major health benefits.

And frankly, it just plain dishonest. And the cycle of deception is happening again.

Listen beet juice has been ​advertised everywhere for the last decade. TV, radio, magazines and of course the internet. So here's a...


If you are using any beet powder supplement now or are even thinking about using one... then you need to hear everything I'm going to share with you. It's that important. 

Now, maybe I need to remind you who I am and what the nature of my story is. It may help you to understand why I'm sharing the astonishing story I'm about to tell you. That's me in the picture above on the left. (I'll tell you something about the other guy a little later that will blow your mind.)

As some of you know... I'm President of a small company Powerful Living; a self-reliance company that helps people get off-the grid and become more independent. Our company motto is "Better Ideas For Off The Grid Living".

I'm also pretty active in "gardening for food" and our heirloom seed business. Additionally, I remain a strong advocate for growing nutrient-dense vegetables as a way to maximize human nutrition. We write about this quite frequently in our newsletter and website...     Off The Grid News.

I think from my picture you can tell I try to stay in shape even though ​I'm slipping a bit a​s old age draws near. But the truth is... getting spring crops in with nothing except a spade is physically taxing... for anyone... let alone a 65 year old man with some very serious health challenges.

But the truth is, I got into "healthy living" in a very strange way...

I Had To Literally Die First!

I am absolutely not joking.

Here's what happened: I was hiking in Glacier National Park with my son Matt and my father. About three miles from our cabin I decided to journey off the trail and go down to a beautiful, pristine mountain lake to take a picture of a moose standing in shallow water.

What happened next changed my life forever. The moose you see above went from standing nicely for a picture, then to a trot, and finally... to full out charge. I never expected this in my wildest dreams but... This enormous "momma moose from hell" chased me, my son, and my dad through brush and an extremely heavy mountainside thicket for an hour and a half before she just gave up and laid down to rest. (We literally wore her out!)

The last picture I took before I started to run!

At the time I thought we escaped the fracas with only some cuts, scrapes, bruises and a sore right shoulder. But when I got back to Illinois and tried to work out one day... I knew I had other problems.

After loosening up a bit in my basement, I went to the bench press and put on 150 pounds. (I would typically do 10 reps with 150 pounds.) On the very first rep, I felt the sore shoulder "pop" and knew something was wrong. I got to the phone, called my doctor...

...and the next thing I knew, I was at the hospital undergoing surgery. Rotator cuff surgery. The operation was routine until about 8:30 in the evening that night when I ...


It's true, I actually died during recovery. The nurse had forgotten something, came back into the room and found me lifeless. I had stopped breathing, and was blue and cold to the touch. But thanks to the work of some amazing ER doctors... I was brought back to life, though not without a few complications.

I was traumatized but alive. Later I talked to the charge nurse and she heard the emergency room doctors saying that they were amazed that I even lived... let alone walked out of the hospital the next day!

I Still Have The Scars Which Look Like An Old Railroad Train Yard Where They Cut Me Open!

I have to tell you... this brush with death gave me a whole new lease on life. And I decided to work like a dog at recovering and getting my life and health back.

Now, as a man who actually died (in some sense) and in God's good providence was given a second chance, I can tell you that I started to be pretty darned particular about what I put into my body.

So in my journey to get my life back, I started experimenting with vitamins, minerals and of course a lot of nutritional supplements. So began a 20-year quest to find what works and what doesn't. And, as a part of the quest, I've always kept close track of what the results were when I took each supplement and always reported them to my doctor who is also a good friend.

And guess what? I found a few supplements that helped, but most just emptied my wallet, a few made my stomach upset, some gave me gas and a handful even gave me diarrhea. But for the most part...

Most Didn't Do Diddly Squat For Me
 Except Cost A Lot of Money!

The fact is, it just seems like I got burned a lot. I wasted my money and even more important, wasted my time. And I'll bet you dollars to donuts that you've been burned this way too in the "get healthier" supplement game.

Heck, I think almost everyone in America has been "supplement cheated"... because there's so much crap out there, and there's no real objective scoreboard to help you decide what works and what has scientific credibility.

It's frustrating, especially when every so often something real does come along like it has recently. With that in mind, let's consider one of the best new supplements on the market right now...

Beet Juice!

Beet juice has some pretty interesting science as well as a lot of "traditional use" behind it. It may be one of the only supplements that you can actually feel when you take it. And get this... real beet juice, if you can find it, seems to be effective for ordinary people as well as athletes. (Competitive athletes, by the way are the people using the most beet juice right now)

There's a reason for this... here's what scientists, doctors and ordinary people say happens to you when you take beet juice...

Renewed energy, increased stamina and more physical strength for folks who participate in competitive sports that simply have to have more "get up and go."

​Increased stamina and strength.

But I think what is most important... what beet juice users report most... is a real breakthrough in "super clear" thinking which is helpful for all of us, including athletes. Scientists are saying that this is a result of increased blood circulation to the brain.

But don't take my word for it...

Runners World and other magazines all over the world are reporting outright miracles from athletes using beet juice.

But the truth is, beet juice has been used for thousands of years for a variety of health issues. In fact...

When Hippocrates Said

 "Let Food Be Your Medicine"

He Was Talking About Beets!

The Greeks were famous for using beets to attempt to heal a variety of conditions because of their extremely high nutritional value:

  • Kidney
  • Circulation
  • Constipation
  • Heart
  • Stamina
  • Performance
  • Fatigue
  • Mood Elevation
  • Joint Health
  • Blood Pressure

​"Let food be your medicine."

The Greeks weren't the only ancients using beets!

The use of beets as both food and medicine around the world has been mentioned throughout history, from Mesopotamia in 8th Century B.C. to Medieval Europe, as well as Ancient Rome, and others.

Nutrients & Applications:

Beets have long been used in traditional medicines around the world for various reasons, especially to support normal digestive function and blood health. Beet root juice is also considered an aphrodisiac, being rich in boron, which plays an important role in the production of sex hormones.

A very beneficial type of nitrate in beets can make exercise less tiring by reducing the amount of oxygen the body needs to use. A recent study from the University of Exeter in the UK suggests that drinking juice from the beet root can boost stamina and increase endurance up to 16% -- more than is possible by any other known means, even training!

Beets are a nutritional powerhouse!

Another study on beets, performed by researchers at Bart's and the London School of Medicine, indicates that drinking just a pint of beet root juice daily helped maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Again, those nitrates in the beets are responsible for this helpful effect on the body!

Beets may also be helpful in supporting liver health and eye health, as well as encouraging normal cholesterol levels and discouraging acute inflammation. according to studies...Beets help maintain blood purity, aid elasticity of cell walls, and provide iron to support and oxygenate blood cells. The absorption of this iron is aided by the copper content in beets.

Folate, a B vitamin essential for normal tissue growth, is also found in rich quantities in beets. Folate from beets is particularly important for pregnant women and may prevent neural-tube birth defects.

Most other red plants contain anthocyanin pigmentation, but the vivid colors of beet roots come from a variety of betalain pigments. Beets are also a good source of bioflavonoids, manganese, potassium, vitamin C, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Dietary fiber, both soluble and insoluble, is another helpful component of beets, as well as carotenoids such as beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin. Beets are also highly alkaline, which makes them excellent for helping the body combat unhealthy acidity.

It's no wonder modern scientists and health researchers are intensely interested in beet juice. But there are a few warnings. First...

Not All Beet Juice Is The Same!

With all the advertisers, marketers and pitchmen, how do you choose the right beet juice?

I've got bad news. Most beet juice supplements are garbage. I went online and searched beet juice and found 18 different beet juice supplements. Each claimed it was the best in the world.

Now I'm no genius, but they can't all be the "best".

What's more, because of my wallet-emptying experiences and the beet juice samples I've researched... I can tell you that, in truth...

​Powerful Bio-available nutrients!

None Of Them Are Even Close To

Being The Best Available! 

Even Worse:  The Most Popular TV Brands Are Mediocre Or Worse!

Let me tell you a little secret the slick new breed of beet juice marketers hoped you'd never hear about: You can't judge the quality of a beet juice supplement by its price. Or by who's selling it. Or by how fancy the label or packaging is.

The fact is, the beet juice market (especially for middle-aged and older customers who want their circulation and memory back) has exploded in recent years. It's now millions and millions of dollars and becoming the single best selling supplement in the entire world.

Now, every supplement manufacturer desperately wants access to the beet juice market to greedily grab a piece of it. One thing I do know: They want your money and they'll say anything to get it.

But who can you trust... with 18 plus beet juice companies and new ones starting up every day?

How Can You Be Sure What's In The Mysterious Red Powder You Are Putting In Your Body?

I'll tell you this: You can't trust the advertising. The ads are written by spoiled college grads who simply don't know what it is like to go through the trials of getting older.

All the aches and pains, the dreadful constipation... all the cloudy thinking. They don't know and they don't care. They are simply "hired guns"... paid to make any beet juice supplement sound like it's the best regardless of whether it actually is or not.

Seriously, do you know how heartless marketing companies decide on what type of beets to use in their supplement or even if there should be real beets at all in their beet juice supplement?

They wait for quotes from their "third world" pesticide-spraying beet suppliers who will bid the lowest because they have the cheapest and lowest grade beets.

The sad truth is, they spend more time thinking up a hot name than they do researching and testing the quality of their product. It's all advertising, grandstanding and posturing.

This is flat out annoying and in some ways it's almost criminal. Bottom line...

I'm Sick Of Fat Cat Marketing Companies Who Don't Care About The Quality of Their Supplements Or The People They Sell Them To!

So here's what I did. I'm surprised no one thought of doing it before. Seemed kind of easy...

I Went To American Beet Growers Who Grow The Most Nutrient-Dense Beets Organically And Asked Them To Help Us Create A Beet Juice That's Real Beet Juice
 Without All The Fillers!

Here are the goals I set for my beet suppliers:

Beet Goal Number 1:

​I wanted to be able to create a great tasting, organic beet juice supplement that could deliver a very powerful antioxidant effect.

Beet Goal Number 2:

 I wanted to deliver the purest beet drink available. Did you know that most beet powders on the market today have 33 percent corn maltodextrin used as a filler and carrier? (Seriously... 33%) I wanted pure beet powder with no fillers. I also didn't want any pesticides or herbicides sprayed at any time on my beets.

Beet Goal Number 3:

 I wanted to have the beets dried in such a way that the potency is preserved. Most companies use a "spray dry" method, which heats up the beets so much that it destroys the most important nutrients. I've asked our beet farmers and processors to use an infrared method that delivers all the nutrients intact. No point in growing organic beets if you lose all the nutrients during processing.

Finding the right growers is the key.

Why Are These Goals So Unusual In 2024?

The answer is easy. Very frankly, It costs too much to use quality organic beets grown by American farmers. It also costs too much to make a beet juice powder without dumping empty fillers in it. It's cheating, but that's what they do. Lastly, it costs a lot and frankly takes a heck of a lot of time to dry the beets with a special infrared drying system.

What Type Of Results

Would A Real Beet Juice Provide Users?

A real beet supplement is formulated to do four things.

#1. It would set up a literal "storehouse" of quality nutrients including plant chemicals, minerals like bio-available boron, powerful polyphenols, fast-acting folate and serotonin-building tryptophan.

A real Beet Juice would also contain one of the most powerful antioxidants found in beets... Betanin. Betanin is the special phyto-pigment that makes a red beet red.  It is said to both deactivate and neutralize free radicals in a powerful way.

A real beet juice would provide controlled and sustained energy all day long. As we age only the most potent nutrients can provide high-octane stamina. The Ultimate Beet Juice would deliver this type of energy.

#2. It would assist your body at the cellular level with an ARMY of hard working bio-available nutrients to support toxin release and aid metabolism.

#3. And, finally it would provide the support your body needs for circulation, cardiovascular and maybe most importantly... blood pressure!

#4. It would be affordable for ordinary people.

Especially For Powerful Living Customers... Appropriately Called "Real-Beet Complete"!

Now I'm going to tell you about how to get some in just a moment. But first we need to get very, very clear on something:

THIS POWERFUL SUPPLEMENT IS NOT FOR Folks That Need Celebrity Endorsements Or Television Exposure!

In fact, there are some people I hope never find out about it. I'm dead serious. It's not really for casual use. (It still costs money after all.) It's for people who seriously want to feel stronger, have more energy and want to think clearly. It's a "custom beet juice supplement" created especially for folks who are dedicated to getting better, feeling stronger and living life fuller. (If you aren't physically active or don't plan to be... taking a supplement like this is pointless)

So I'm telling you now... don't bother trying this unless:

  1. You are serious about having more stamina, more energy, and a lot better memory.
  2. You are willing to exercise so that your body can take advantage of the high-octane fuel the new supplement supplies.
  3. You are super health-conscious and want to experience renewed energy, stamina and a better working brain, naturally.

Are you still with me? Good. I'm darn proud of this new beet supplement. It's got more integrity and honest value than any supplement I've tried... and I've tried a lot of them.

Best of all... the results you will see can be pretty fast. (At least they have been for me.)

One Last Warning About This Particular Product

​I did discover one thing that might make you pass on this. It's about mixing Real Beet with water or any liquid without a blender.  It does mix without a blender, but it doesn't dissolve like alka-seltzer or anything like that.  Franky, I use a blender and it's part of a smoothie recipie. ​That said, we offer

Guaranteed "Real Beet" Performance!

Because this supplement is so incredibly effective... and because it's naturally nutritionally dense... it is being sold with the most amazing guarantee in the world.

Check this out:

Take the product as directed and follow the simple instructions that are on the label. Then, just wait a few days to feel the powerful effects of a real beet juice supplement... more stamina... more energy... a clear head... all this... and more are yours for the taking. You will be totally thrilled with your safe, dramatic and often even rapid transformation.

Today's Big Beet Bonuses!

Bonus #1:

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​Bonus #2:

Free Heirloom Beet Seeds With Each Order

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​Another great way to harness the power of the beet is to grow your own. Still legal in most states too. So today's offer comes with three $5.00 packs of heirloom beet seeds. You get a pack of ​Albino, Chioggia and Golden Detroit. Three great "power beets." One three-pack free with each order today! This means one "three-pack" worth $15.00 no matter if you order a 30-day, 60-day, ​or 6-month supply. (Another way of saying this is one three-pack per household.)


For Fastest Service: Simply choose the amount of Real Beet Complete that you would like at the bottom of this page, click the "Add To Cart" button and it will take you to our 24-hour secure online order form.

You have three supply options to choose from:

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Whatever quantity you choose, you should expect delivery of the product within two weeks.

There is an enormous demand for this product right now and our supplies are truly limited. This is because of the purity and the price. One of these "highly marketed" products called Super Beets sells just 5.3 ounces for $39.95. A six-month supply of that product would cost a whopping $350.00 instead of the $119.94 that you'll pay for Real Beet Complete. That gives you an idea why we run out. We basically give it away.

For Better Health,

Bill Heid
President, Powerful Living

P.S. I mentioned the guy in the picture at the top. You probably recognize him as Dr. Oz, the famous TV doctor. He's been talking about beet juice for a few years now and the medical establishment is furious about it.​ They are doing everything they can to destroy him because he believes beet juice lowers blood pressure as good or better than many prescription meds. ​  

Buy Yours Today!


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